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We now offer Cerakoting Services for knives at this time.

All Cerakoting is done with the H series Cerakote unless otherwise discussed, as that is one of the most durable finish Cerakote makes. 

Keep in mind sharpening will need to be done after this process as the application will dull the edge somewhat. Please note that this is also an excellent time to have your blade reground so it cuts well again, or to have any other blade/custom work done prior to the coating. 


Fixed Blades (single color, no taping off of parts)

  • Up to 4.9″ overall length – $35

  • 5″-9.9″ overall length – $45

  • 10″-13.9″ overall length – $60

  • 14″-17.9″ overall length – $80

  • 18″-21.9″ overall length – $100

  • Scales – $40

  • Scale screws – $10

  • If parts need to be taped off (i.e. non-removable handles) then add $15 to the above price

  • Additional colors (bi or tri-tone) add $20 eachcolor

  • Disassembly/reassembly of handle – starts $15 or you can do this yourself. If screw(s) are stuck or need to be replaced then there will be an additional fee. 

  • Stripping off the existing paint may cost extra, please check ahead of time if you are concerned about this.

Folders (single color) – see “package deal” below for price on an entire folder! Note: Disassembly/reassembly may be required and will incur a fee of $30

  • Blade only (up to 5″) – $40

  • Scales only – $65

  • Single scale only – $40

  • All hardware (pocket clip, screws, spacers, etc – does NOT include scales/liners) – $40

  • Package deal (entire knife, includes blade, 2 scales OR liners, and hardware. Note: if liners AND scales then add $45 to this price) – $125

  • Additional colors (bi or tri-tone): add $15/color

  • Disassembly/reassembly/lube – $30 for most knives, or you can do this yourself and send me the parts. The thumb stud will need to be removed as well. 

  • Custom patterns/stencils are quoted individually. 

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