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Training For Everyday Success!


We offer up to date “Certified” Firearms Training for everyday success. We offer an assortment of Firearms Training Classes for all levels of mastery, ranging from CCW(Carry of Concealed Weapon) to Advanced Defensive Pistol training! We have a Team of seasoned certified firearms instructors with years of training experience ready for you!

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Please bring a pen, paper, shooting glasses, hearing protection, snacks, lunch and drinks for the day. There will be several breaks throughout the day. Please note that there will be NO REFUNDS for this particular class date. (we will allow for a reschedule of the class date up to 2 times) Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to or call 518-595-9486


NYS 18 Hour Pistol Permit Course Curriculum:

Located at Saratoga Springs PBA Range - 5 Bliven Way, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

  • Introduction

  • Paperwork & Application Prep

  • General Firearm Safety

  • Safety Rules

  • Safe Storage requirements and General Secure Storage Best Practices

  • Handgun Components

  • Types of Handguns

  • Ammunition

  • Mechanical Malfunctions

  • Safe Gun Handling

  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Disassembly

  • The Basic Principles of Marksmanship

  • Laws and Administrative Rules

  • State and Federal Gun Laws

  • Situational Awareness

  • Conflict De-Escalation

  • Best Practices When Encountering Law Enforcement

  • The Statutory Definition of Sensitive Places in Subdivision 2 of Section 265.01-e

  • Conflict Management

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Safety Review

  • Course Review

  • Exam

  • Live Range Training Course Proficiency


Applicant must score a minimum of 80% correct answers on the written test. A certificate of completion shall be issued to each applicant. The certificate must include the applicants name and be endorsed and affirmed under the penalties of perjury by such Authorized Instructor. 

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