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Customer Reviews

Rob Yandow - February 18 at 7:13pm 5 star

If anybody is looking for a pistol or rifle, I suggest Saratoga Weapons and Tactical. I'll be getting my pistol there because of the customer service alone. We walked in 15 minutes before closing and the owner and his wife showed us guns for 45 minutes after closing. Great prices and pretty good selection, willing to order what you want though. Sarah Yandow is getting her first pistol and they walked her through at least 30 guns, never pushing or pressuring her. Simply amazing customer service!

Marilyn Held - February 2, 2017 5 star

Thank you so much for all your help regarding my pistol purchase! Every gun owner should be heading to this new, small business establishment! Women, especially, who have never owned a firearm, will find they're not on their own in this shop, and won't leave with anything which is not absolutely perfect for them! Such great personal attention from this husband and wife team! I'm going to be recommending this shop to every gun owner I know! While the shop is not located in a typical business district, my GPS easily found the address. Just look for the high-flying American flag!

Michelle Max Tullock-Jasinski - October 17, 2016 5 star

Very nice store. Rob found me a particular pistol that I have been searching for for over a year. Nice selection and excellent service.

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