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Saratoga County Pistol Permit Course

Training For Everyday Success!


We offer up to date “Certified” Firearms Training for everyday success. We offer an assortment of Firearms Training Classes for all levels of mastery, ranging from CCW(Carry of Concealed Weapon) to Advanced Defensive Pistol training! We have a Team of seasoned certified firearms instructors with years of training experience ready for you!

this is for the new 16 hr (classroom) + 2 Hr (shooting) pistol permit course required by nys ! 


*************IMPORTANT NOTE FOR APPLICANTS*************

Your enrollment and participation in the New York State Pistol Permit Safety Course does not guarantee that a concealed carry license will be issued to you. Successful completion of the New York State Pistol Permit Safety Course is just one of several requirements for the issuance of  a concealed carry license.

An applicant who has successfully complete BOTH parts of the New York State Pistol Permit Safety Course must submit a complete application packet to the Sheriff’s Office in which he or she requests the issuance of a concealed carry license.  The submission of the required paperwork initiates a process and investigation into the applicant’s:

  • Background;

  • Character and fitness;

  • Mental health history;

  • Criminal history 

  • Moral character;

  • Immigration/naturalization status;

  • Military experience and discharge status;

  • Ability to follow directions and abide by the instructions of the Sheriff’s Pistol License Office and the Licensing Officer/Judge

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